Audio guide is a unique product targeted towards individuals visiting the tourist attractions, who want to sightsee alone without any disturbance, and create a great experience of it. Taking an easy walk, simply handling the audio guide, you can listen to the pleasant voice in your own language which will explain you all the details of the place you are at and what you see around you. Maybe you will even want to listen to the story once again. Audio guide enables you to listen the same story over and over as many times you want.

Highly educated professionals are a part of this team:
• Copywriters (historians, archaeologists),
• Lectors,
• Translations teams,
• Native speakers.

Recording of the audio guide materials has been done in a private studio, in which professional technicians are preparing the material for the implementation on the attraction.

Audio Tour Travel Agency

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    Mon - Fri from 09am until 15pm
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    Vanja Jelić Stjepović
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    Osojnička 2, 20000 Dubrovnik, Croatia
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    OIB: 44539058457
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