Tour guide system is using frequencies that are allowed in the EU.

It enables the guide to speak quietly, with the normal voice tone, and all the guests, even if they are 100 meters away from the guide are receiving the same quality information. During the sightseeing guests can freely do a little of sightseeing for themselves or stop to take a photo without loosing any information that guide is giving. There is a possibility to have up to 80 groups on the different frequencies in the range of 100 meters.

Tour guide system is highly recommended for the sightseeing of the attractions that are requesting silence, such as churches and museums. The information is delivered to all the guests at the same time even if they are hundred meters behind. One transmitter is not restricted to any number of receivers.

• Tour guide system is available throughout Croatia and rest of Europe. You just have to send us an early notice.

Suggestions where to use the tour guide system:
one day excursions
national parks
city tours
archaeological monuments and sites
round trips
cruise ships